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What’s New in Femap 2019.1

Date July 10th 2019

time 1 p.m. EDT

Learn how the latest enhancements to Femap can help increase your productivity across the simulation workflow.

Simcenter Femap 2019.1 has just been released, and in addition to a new naming convention and release cadence, it also delivers a number of new features and improvements from geometry and meshing through solver support and post processing. This free webinar will demonstrate many of these updates, including:

  • New options to select all visible entities, recall vectors in future operations, and easily locate selected entities in the Model Info tree
  • Support for specifying Nastran solid material coordinate system definitions on elements
  • The propagation of loads, constraints, and regions during geometry split operations
  • Automatic generation of pyramid elements to transition between hexagonal and tetrahedral solid elements, plus new element extrude and sweep capabilities
  • Expanded solver support for Simcenter Nastran 2019.1 Solutions 401, 402, and 200 and improved translators for Ansys and Abaqus
  • New contour view options for models with partial results like contact forces

Join us to learn about these features and more. A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

Visit the GTAC website today to download Simcenter Femap 2019.1 and generate new license files.

Watch the Recording.

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