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Events & Training » Seminars and Webinars » Expired » Introduction to the Femap PostProcessing Toolbox

Introduction to the Femap PostProcessing Toolbox

Date February 28th 2019

time 1 p.m. EST

Discover how Femap’s PostProcessing Toolbox makes visualizing results easier than ever before!

As analyses become more complex and the amount of data generated continues to grow, the ability to review critical results and effectively communicate those findings with others is crucial. Join us during this free webinar for an in-depth overview of the various capabilities available through Femap’s PostProcessing Toolbox. The toolbox provides an alternate method for controlling view options that have traditionally been available through a variety of other dialog boxes, while also offering some view settings that might not be available elsewhere. In addition to covering deformations, animations, and standard contours, we’ll also demonstrate section cuts, contour arrows, dynamic criteria plotting, freebody diagrams, and more.

This webinar will have something new for everyone, from those just getting started with Femap to those with years of experience! A Q&A will be held after the event.

Watch the Recording.

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