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Introduction to the Femap API

Date June 23rd 2015

time 10:00 am PDT

Use the Femap API to create new and customized tools for your general and industry-specific workflows. 

Femap’s Application Program Interface (API) allows users to customize and combine existing Femap tools for their specific needs. This webinar will explain the basics of the API and provide helpful tips on how to get started with it. We will also discuss a few specific APIs that ATA has developed including:

  • Save and Load Model Colors
  • Freebody Load Processing in Excel
  • Reflect Element Properties, Materials and Coordinate Systems
  • Write Groups to Include Files

Attend this webinar to learn about these custom APIs and how to get started with your own. A live Q&A session will be held after the webinar. Attendees of the recent 2015 Femap Symposium series will recognize several of these APIs.

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