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Design Sensitivity and Optimization with Simcenter Pre/Post (NAS331)

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Date 2,200

Date August 13th 2018

The Design Sensitivity and Optimization course offers the theoretical and practical aspects of using the Simcenter Nastran sensitivity and optimization capabilities.

Sensitivity and design optimization can be used to automate the improvement of a proposed design. The Simcenter Nastran design sensitivity and optimization solution is extremely flexible and allows the user to vary the model parameters to minimize an objective function, such as overall weight, given constraints on both the static and dynamic response. The class will cover the definition of design variables, constraints and objectives in Simcenter Nastran, as well as the interpretation of results. The student will learn to use Simcenter Nastran sensitivity and optimization through the presentation of lecture materials and the completion of example problems.

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This class will be held in our Rocky Mountain Office in Lakewood, Colorado. 

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