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Aeroelastic Analysis with Femap for Pre/Post (NAS430)

Date San Diego, CA

Date 1,100

Date TBA

This 1 day course introduces the aeroelasticity capabilities available in NX Nastran.

A review of aeroelastic theory and the fundamentals of setting up and running aeroelasticity solutions are covered. There is an emphasis on the practical applications of the software and enhancing the student’s engineering judgment with respect to aeroelastic analysis of aircraft.

The course covers the aeroelastic capabilities of NX Nastran, including aerodynamic panel model theories, connection of aerodynamic models to structural models, static trim analysis, dynamic maneuver and gust analysis, and flutter analysis. The class is focused on NX Nastran and most of the material applies independently of pre- or post-processor. Additional material is available for use with Femap.

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