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Multi-Step Nonlinear with Solutions 401 and 402 with Femap for Pre/Post (NAS401-401)

Date San Diego, CA

Date 3,300

Date TBA

The 5-day Multi-Step Nonlinear with Solutions 401 and 402 with Femap for pre/post course covers the advanced nonlinear
capabilities in Simcenter Nastran.

It presents types of nonlinear effects in models including material, geometric, and contact and explains the solver steps in the solution process. It identifies difficulties that nonlinear solutions can pose and offers best practices for debugging convergence problems with nonlinear solutions.

The course includes static, dynamic, and modal-type solutions. The solver capabilities for material nonlinearities such as plasticity, hyperelasticity, and creep are discussed. Geometric nonlinearities and contact algorithms and parameters for these solvers are introduced. Hands-on workshop exercises supplement the lecture content, including exercises specifically designed to help the student understand convergence criteria and how to debug models.

This class will be held virtually through live online sessions.

Download NAS401-401 Brochure.

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