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Resources » STAR-CCM+ » On-Demand Webinar: Practical Applications of STAR-CCM+ on Mars

On-Demand Webinar: Practical Applications of STAR-CCM+ on Mars

Hear how members of our industry-leading CFD team successfully leveraged STAR-CCM+ to tackle engineering challenges far beyond the limits of our own atmosphere!

In this webinar, originally delivered on September 5, 2018, ATA’s Jonathan Hill gives a brief overview of STAR-CCM+ capabilities, followed by a case study presented by our Dr. Parthiv Shah about how ATA used STAR-CCM+ to support JPL on a project related to the Fluid Mechanical Particle Barrier (FMPB) for the prevention of sample contamination on the Mars 2020 mission. This webinar is perfect for engineers, designers, and engineering leadership who are interested in knowing more about approaches and results relevant to their day-to-day work, regardless of whether or not CFD tools are currently used. Viewers will learn how to leverage the most advanced CFD simulation tool available today to meet their design and analysis requirements.

This exciting case study was previously shared by ATA during events at our Southern California offices and will be presented at the upcoming 2018 Simcenter Conference.

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