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Resources » Femap » Introduction to the Femap Meshing Toolbox

Introduction to the Femap Meshing Toolbox

This tutorial outlines how Femap’s Meshing Toolbox can help simplify geometry idealization, mesh sizing, and more.

Concepts that are covered include:

  • Editing 3D features
  • Creating 2D surfaces from 3D geometry
  • Preparing surfaces and meshing with quad elements
  • Checking and refining mesh quality

Although this workflow could be executed using traditional menu-based commands, this tutorial focuses on how the Meshing Toolbox can make the process easier than ever before. The tutorial begins with a solid model of a thin panel with various stiffeners and pockets.

This tutorial is based on our free On-Demand Webinar: Introduction to the Femap Meshing Toolbox.

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