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ATA Engineering is a provider of analysis and test-driven design solutions focusing on the engineering needs of major manufacturers.

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teamcenterTeamcenter helps you efficiently manage the increasing complexity of your products and organization with simplified, powerful product lifecycle management (PLM) tools.

Products, organizations, and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, global and interconnected. Thousands of decisions may need to be made to create a product with any of one of those decisions potentially defining whether the product will be a success or a failure. PLM tools bring together all of the product information and processes you need in one centralized system allowing you to deliver increasingly complex products faster and streamline operations whether they be local or global.

Teamcenter allows you to:

  • Manage all of your complex mechanical, electronics, software, and simulation data in a single environment
  • Manage product documentation and technical publications
  • Manage the BOM lifecycle
  • Manage your PLM processes
  • Ensure compliance by defining, managing, and tracing customer requirements across the entire product lifecycle
  • Improve service operations
  • Collaborate with suppliers around the world

Its streamlined and intuitive PLM user interface accommodates a wide range of users from power users, such as engineers and designers, to mobile workers who need access to Teamcenter away from their desks, to executives or sales and marketing team members who want to quickly see the big picture and make smarter decisions.

With Teamcenter as the single source for generating and managing requirements documents you can transform your business processes, reduce time and effort, improve quality, and ensure products perform as expected.

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