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Discover Better Designs, Faster

HEEDS is a powerful software package that speeds up design exploration through process automation, scalable computation, efficient searching, and performance assessment to ensure that real-world goals are met. HEEDS has the flexibility to find the best design configurations based on your requirements, and it can handle everything from simple components to complex multidisciplinary systems.


Process Automation

Oftentimes, many modeling and simulation tools are used in conjunction to test product performance, and transferring information from one tool to the next can be a slow manual process. HEEDS makes it possible to automate your design workflow and automatically share data between different software tools. With process automation, you can easily evaluate performance tradeoffs and design robustness across the design space and focus on design selection rather than design verification.

Distributed Execution

HEEDS allows you to maximize your existing simulation and hardware investments by efficiently using all available resources, including local, remote, cluster, and cloud computing. For instance, you can run CAD changes on your local machine, structural analysis on a server, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) runs in parallel on a cluster. HEEDS can orchestrate the entire distributed process and consolidate design exploration results.

Efficient Search

Unlike most traditional design exploration tools that require highly specialized optimization skills and model simplification, HEEDS provides an easy-to-use interface for automating workflows and utilizes SHERPA to intelligently explore possible designs without model simplification. SHERPA is a proprietary design exploration algorithm that employs an adaptive, intelligent hybrid search strategy to find better designs in fewer evaluations. This process minimizes the simulation time and cost needed to identify higher-performing families of designs.

Insight & Discovery

With HEEDS, you can drive greater product innovation through the virtual prototype process. HEEDS makes it easy to compare design performance over any number of competing objectives and constraints to identify feasible design families, facilitating design decisions and reviews by offering a deeper insight into design alternatives and a better understanding of which design variables have the greatest impact on performance.

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