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NX for Manufacturing

nx_for_manufacturingNX CAM provides a complete set of numerical control programming capabilities and integrated set of manufacturing software applications in a single CAM system

NX CAM provides a wide range of functionality from simple NC programming to 5-axis machining, enabling NC programmers to perform many diverse tasks using a single system. This allows you to significantly reduce NC programming and machining time, produce better quality parts, and maximize use of manufacturing resources.

Feature-based machining (FBM) reduces programming time by as much as 90 percent while templates enable you to apply pre-defined, rules-driven processes to standardize and speed programming tasks. Tightly integrated postprocessing easily generates the required NC code for almost any type of machine toll and controller configuration. Simulation and verification tools check tool paths and material removal within the NC programming session.

Integration with the advanced CAD tools available in the NX suite allows you to do everything from modeling new parts, to preparing parts models for CAM, to creating setup drawings directly from 3D model data. NX CAM’s master model concept links all functions, such as CAM and CMM, back a single model definition which means that the NC programmer can start programming a part before the designer is finished, further increasing productivity.


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