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ATA Engineering is a provider of analysis and test-driven design solutions focusing on the engineering needs of major manufacturers.

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NX for Design

NX for Design is an integrated solution that allows fast, flexible, and efficient product design for engineers who need to deliver innovative products in a collaborative environment.

nx_New_Flyer_XN60_San_DiegoNX design tools are powerful and versatile allowing you to work faster and efficiently across the full range of design tasks, from 2-D layout to 3-D modeling, assembly design drafting and documentation. It synchronous technology, allows you to directly use models created with other CAD systems, importing and modifying CAD geometry from any source with speed and ease.

Advanced 2-D layout capability allows you to quickly capture, explore, and iterate designs concepts in 2-D, while the freeform shaping capabilities allow you to create complex freeform models with ease. Simplified workflows allow efficient drafting and 3-D annotation with product and manufacturing information (PMI). Rendering and visualization tools deliver all the capabilities of dedicated industrial design tools.

Assembly design tools can handle the most complex product designs with thousands of parts. You can monitor your designs for compliance with company and industry standards, and more easily create designs that meet customer requirements.

By improving design productivity and throughput, NX can help your engineering teams develop more products with fewer resources, reducing delivery cycle time by up to 35 percent.

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