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NX Nastran Modules

nx_nastran_2NX Nastran has a suite of powerful solutions available in a single solver, providing engineers with a comprehensive finite element analysis environment for their product design needs.

NX Nastran’s multiple solution domains include linear and nonlinear analysis, dynamics, acoustics, rotor dynamics, aeroelasticity and optimization. The product can be configured to provide the specific functionality you need, allowing for great flexibility and scalability extending to the most advanced types of analysis that are able to handle the toughest engineering problems.

NX Nastran solution modules include:


– Provides all of the capabilities that you will need in many instances, including linear statics, normal modes, buckling, steady-state and transient heat transfer, basic nonlinear, design sensitivity and unlimited problem size capabilities.

Download NX Nastran Basic

Dynamic Response

– Enables product performance to be evaluated in both the time and frequency domains.

Download NX Nastran Dynamics


– Determine optimal design parameters with sizing optimization capabilities.

Download NX Nastran Optimisation

Multistep Nonlinear

– Facilitates large deformation; supports nonlinear materials, time-dependent loads, deformable and rigid contact. Provides nonlinear time integration for impact analysis.

Download NX Nastran Multistep Nonlinear – Solution 401/402

Download NX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear – Solution 601/701

Rotor Dynamics

– Predicts the dynamic response of rotating systems such as shafts, turbines and propellers to determine critical shaft speeds.

Download NX Nastran Rotor Dynamics


– Superelements play a key role when solving very large and complex finite element models by decomposing larger structures into equivalent sets of smaller substructures.

Download NX Nastran Superelements


– Direct matrix abstraction programming (DMAP) is a unique Nastran programming capability that allows customers to expand NX Nastran capabilities by writing their own applications and installing custom modules.

Download NX Nastran DMAP


– Determine structural response from aerodynamic loading for static and flutter conditions.

Download NX Nastran Aeroelasticity

Advanced Dynamics Bundle

– Includes the Dynamics, Aeroelasticity, DMAP, RDMODES, Superelements, and FRF substructures modules, plus offers distributed memory parallel (DMP) processing capabilities.