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Femap Flow Solver

femal-flowsolverThe Femap Flow Solver adds state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis solutions to the Femap environment and provides fast, efficient and accurate solutions to complex CFD problems.

Femap Flow software is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution that is fully embedded into the native Femap environment. It provides fast, efficient and accurate functionality to simulate fluid flow and heat transfer for complex parts and assemblies. You also can explicitly couple Femap Flow with Femap Thermal and Femap Advanced Thermal for comprehensive thermo-fluid modeling of a wide range of multi-physics problems.

A sophisticated algebraic multi-grid solver provides the backbone to a complete CFD capability that is able to support the simulation of both laminar and turbulent fluid flow, low speed and high speed compressible flow, forced flow, natural convection and mixed flows, all with multiple inlets, outlets and internal flow boundary conditions. This memory efficient capability ensures that solutions are solved quickly and easily.

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